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About the Master

The Master always highlights the qualities of others. But never

speaks about himself. His humility shocks.

The Team


Question from a parent

A parent asks the Master: Why do you consider yourself to be proud?

The Master:  If I don't consider myself to be proud and I am, my consideration won't change anything.

On the other hand, if I am not proud and I consider myself not to be proud, can one really say that pride has not affected me?

Visit of a dear friend

A Friend visits the Master and asks: - How are you today?
The Master replies: To an ordinary person
, this question might seem banal and simple. But you and I both know how difficult it is. If I say I'm well, it means I'm indifferent to the pain of those who are going through difficult times in this world. But at the same time, if I say I'm not well, I'm afraid of offending Providence with my ingratitude. You're so wise. Tell me, how should I feel?


A student from the Academy asks the Master: 
You ask questions about things you already know the answers to. Where does your thirst for learning come from when you already know so much?

The Master: When knowing much can stop you from learning what you need to know, what do you do?
The Student: Thank you for this Enlightenment. I think I understand your Teaching. 🙏

Master says: As long as we don't know that we don't know, how will we know what we shouldn't know in order to finally know what we should know?
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