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Based in Europe,


We provide guided tours for groups of approximately 7 children.

In this service, is included: Visit of enclosure, meeting with animals, Discovery of flowers and plants


A VIP service (individualized), one-on-one or the child (accompanied by the parents if they so wish) enjoys a magical and special moment with animals and other living beings, over a relatively long period of time.


A 5-star service during which the visit of the enclosure is included and carried out this time by the Master in person. Then, an educational course based on the theme of the day takes place. Drawing, painting, poetry are on the agenda.

The children receive written questions on a form which they fill out. The Master corrects the forms and keeps a copy. The children return home with the original and will show it to the parents so that the latter have a follow-up on the material covered as well as the reflections of the child. The excellent points,   the points to be improved and how the parents could allow the child to continue to evolve.


Last but not of lesser, we have a Discovery Service. 

Organized national and international trips during which children become explorers to discover the genius of mankind.


No to artificial intelligence!

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