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About Us

Values are claimed by all compagnies and organizations.

ButValues don't claim all compagnies and organizations.

The Master

SHININGLIGHTe was born 20 years ago, but only came into existence a few years ago. Creating an Academy where young people could imbibe vital knowledge, and where conscientious parents could send their children was a top priority for us.


Today's adults were yesterday's children. Today's children will be tomorrow's adults. Appropriate Education is the key to a Meaningful life.

Our values




Our Teachers are in harmony with themselves.
Our transmission is carried out mainly by example.

Consistency is not the result of luck, it is the consequence of unity with oneself!

An elephant is bigger than a snail. But the snail knows better how to appreciate life. The eagle is powerful and agile, but it lacks the team spirit of the bees. Even when one has large wings, one still needs the sky to rise. So, if you open your wings, please be courteous.

Patience doesn't mean waiting.

But waiting when you have to and rush when the situation demands it. Beards grow on young people's cheeks. It's a youthful process. Expecting it to grow overnight is being foolish.




What makes a person noble is his ability to walk uprightly.

What matters is not the respect one receives from others, 
But the one that we grant to ourselves.

And this respect is only meaningful if the Ethic is deep.

Self-love naturally leads to Love of Others.

Having the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others allows you to understand them and thus avoid harming them.

Last night, heavy rain flooded the field. Yet in the morning, the field is in a good mood. It waits for the sun.

When the sun comes out, the plants grow and shine. If the field had harbored any resentment, how would it enjoy this weather?

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